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  • “Krikorian is working the earnest side of the street, but with a soft touch that makes it so easy to love... he has a voice that is reminiscent of the best pop singers of the last decade, Rob Thomas, Teddy Thompson, and even Gold era Ryan Adams.”
  • “Pleasant, well-arranged and passionately put forward music ...quite 'old fashioned' in a positive way. It would simply be nice if such music would romp in the pop charts more.”
  • “A very pleasant pop record, with excellent songs...and Krikorian knows how to sing with soul. Excellent. Just a very nice picture, a little folky, a bit rootsy, but good pop.”
    Moors Magazine
  • “26 years young Californian artist Dan Krikorian is filled with talent as singer and songwriter. His intensified and detailed analysis of the lyrics in the songs - next to his attention for an addictive melody - are creating an instant ‘falling in love with these songs’- feeling. Several tracks on his third release ‘Windsor Blue’ are serious candidates to become future classics, while they are now already brilliant pearls on his own musical crown.”
  • “This deserves to find a larger audience... Dan Krikorian really has everything you need for a greater success.”